St Andrew’s Day: Our 10 favourite TV Scots

Happy St. Andrew’s Day! In honour of our friends on the other side of the wall (the Scots, not the Wildlings), we’re celebrating with a tribute to ten of our favourite Scottish television characters.

1.Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

Where else to start than with the Eleventh Doctor’s feisty companion Amy? Speaking of Karen Gillan’s casting as Amy, Steven Moffat summed it up when he said: “We saw some amazing actresses for this part. But when Karen came through the door, the game was up — she was funny, clever, gorgeous and sexy. Or Scottish, which is the quick way of saying it.”

2. Malcolm Tucker (The Thick Of It)

Before he played the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi had us in stitches with his portrayal of the volatile Malcolm Tucker on BBC satire The Thick of It. A short tempered but effective Director of Communications for the Government of the United Kingdom, Tucker kept us entertained with his trademark foul language and irritability.

3. Montgomery Scott (Star Trek)

Although originally played by Canadian actor James Doohan, Montgomery Scott was such a Scot in the classic sci-fi series that they even put it in his name. James Doohan reportedly settled on Scottish after trying a variety of accents for the part, reasoning that the Scottish make the best engineers.

4. Desmond David Hume (Lost)

Fan favourite Desmond was voted the best character in the much-talked-about Lost during a two-week-long tournament style competition hosted by the Washington Post in 2007. His character was named after the famous Scottish philosopher David Hume.

5. Leo Fitz (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)

Another genius Scottish engineer, Fitz is one of the youngest members of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Sci-Tech division in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He works with Coulson’s Team on all their missions.

6. Jim Taggart (Taggart)

The iconic oldschool Scottish policeman, Taggart held no love for the more sensitive aspects of policework and took a no-nonsense approach to uncovering the perpetrator of a crime. He was played by Mark McManus until his death in June 1994.

7. Groundskeeper Willie (The Simpsons)

The incredibly patriotic Groundskeeper Willie is a much-loved figure on The Simpsons, though initially was not written as Scottish or recurring. Dan Castellaneta, who also voices Homer Simpson, experimented with a Scottish accent for the part, which producers loved.

8. Chibs Telford (Sons of Anarchy)

The Scottish-born Chibs is SAMCRO’s mediator with the Real IRA, a group that sells guns to organised crime groups within the U.S. His nickname is derived from “chib”, which is Scots slang for stabbing, and made in reference to his scars.

9. Gary McLintoch (Gary: Tank Commander)

If you have yet to see the BAFTA-winning Scottish sitcom Gary: Tank Commander, about the hilarious antics of Scottish corporal Gary McLintoch and his friends from the British Army, then get watching, now.

10. Jamie Fraser (Outlander)

One of many awesome Scots in a series dubbed “a love letter to Scotland”, Jamie is the handsome, kilt-wearing, self-sacrificing hero whom all women are destined to fall in love with.