Disney Lands Prince Charming Live Action Project

Disney has bought the rights to a Prince Charming live action project.

The mass media and entertainment company has already put into the pipeline seven live action remakes, but now the conglomerate is going one further to expand on the story of Prince Charming.

According to Variety sources, the studio has acquired the spec “Prince Charming,” which is penned as a live-action comedy revolving around the iconic character with Mandeville Films (who are currently working on the Beauty and the Beast live action remake with Emma Watson) and Tripp Vinson producing.

Matt Fogel (Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son) has composed the script and while plot details are unclear, it is thought to be a revisionist take on the classic fairy tale. Sources have indicated that the point of view of the plot and film isn’t that of the prince but of a brother who never lived up to the family name.

UTA, who represents Fogel, took the spec out to studios last week. While several outlier organisations put in bids for the property, Disney outbid all suitors. Given Disney’s recent success with fairytale properties like Maleficent and Cinderella and the upcoming Beauty and the Beast, it makes sense the studio would be so aggressive in pursuing the property.

The sale is the first to a major studio for Fogel who, previously worked for Phil Lord and Chris Miller as assistant during the filming of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

Equally, the sole exploration of the character is itself a first for Disney, despite other projects such as ShrekInto The Woods and Once Upon A Time delving into the character previously.