Chris Chibnall’s Doctor Who episodes ranked

Last month we heard the news that Chris Chibnall would be taking over the reigns of Doctor Who after Steven Moffat steps down next year, and the reception has been really positive.

In celebration of the former Torchwood and Broadchurch showrunner taking control of the biggest role in science fiction television there is, we’ve ranked Chris Chibnall’s previous Doctor Who episodes from worst to best. Enjoy.

5. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (series 7, episode 2)

doctor who This episode was as bizarre and charming as the quite literal title suggests. Some centuries into the future, an unidentified spaceship is heading toward Earth, worrying authorities. The Doctor is on the scene with a team of the finest investigators, including Amy, Rory, Rory’s dad Brian, Queen Nefertiti and a game hunter named Riddell. The strange dream team visit the mystery ship, only to find it filled with dinosaurs. The Doctor must learn who is responsible for the ship before it is destroyed. While Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was a fun story, the episode lacked depth and failed to delve into the characters of Queen Nefertiti and Riddell, rendering them a bit pointless.

4. 42 (series 3, episode 7)

42 42 was certainly something different for Doctor Who – a real time thriller in which the Doctor and Martha (remember her?) become stuck on a spaceship that is hurtling towards a sun. They have 42 minutes before impact, and 42 minutes to discover who sabotaged the ship and prevent a fiery end for themselves and the spaceship’s crew. It was an interesting structure, but not an experiment we were overly excited to see again. Not a patch on the finest episodes under Chibnall’s guidance.

3. The Hungry Earth (series 5, episode 8)

The-hungry-earth The first of a two-parter reintroducing the Silurians to Doctor Who, The Hungry Earth saw the Doctor, Amy and Rory mistakenly visit Wales in 2020, where they encounter history’s largest ever drilling operation searching for materials deep inside the Earth’s crusts. However, the miners anger an ancient civilisation, who then declare war. The reintroduction of the Silurians to Doctor Who was a successful one, and this episode laid the groundwork for the excellent second part, which follows next.

2. Cold Blood (series 5, episode 9)

cold blood In this thrilling second part of The Hungry Earth, Rory remains on the surface, Amy is being held captive by the Silurians and the Doctor gets sentenced to death after attempting to negotiate with the ancient race. While the episode is wholly exciting throughout, its best moment lies in the climax – a gut-wrenching scene where Amy loses her memories of the dead Rory. If this is the sort of emotion we can expect in Chibnall’s full series in 2018, we’re excited.

1. The Power of Three (series 7, episode 4)

Dr Who XI 3 Ep4 Number one has to be The Power of Three. A story that was epic in scale and offered heartfelt moments (the relationship between Brian and the Doctor being one) in just 45 minutes. The story went like this: one day, hundreds of thousands of small and apparently useless cubes descend upon the Earth. Vigorous testing determines the cubes cannot be destroyed, and people grow slowly used to them – until they finally reveal their murderous intent after becoming a part of human life. The Doctor, Amy, Rory and Brian must learn who is behind the cubes and prevent them from undertaking their plans for a slow human genocide.